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Undertaking a building project is a significant life event and should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. It’s important that you select a team to work with that’s on the same wavelength. Find out more about the Silver Fern team here

Matt Rule, Partner

Well what can we say? Exeter hasn’t been the same since Matt arrived from New Zealand with his young family in 2016 to make the South West his home! Matt also brought a refreshing, inspirational approach to construction techniques and team building which resonates through Silver Fern culture putting family, excellence and thought at the heart of every Silver Fern day.

It’s true that Matt still likes to get his hands on the tools whenever he gets the chance but recently has had to transfer his skills to a keyboard when he’s not on site visits or helping new clients get started with their building project.

Three things to know about Matt;

  1. Matt’s first DIY job was demolishing a wall in one of his dad’s houses as a teenager…he snapped 2 sledgehammers!
  2. Look out for Matt driving his classic Suzuki around Exeter
  3. Almost nocturnal, Matt starts his day at 4am!

Al Greenhow, Partner

He’s the technical genius behind Silver Fern! 20 years experience and crazy attention to detail makes Al the ‘go to’ technical consultant for the whole Silver Fern team! If you see Al on your residential site, you can congratulate yourself on having a complex building puzzle which Al will solve, if a rubik cube was made of bricks he’d be World Champion! A Master in Carpentry, Al also has a wide range of general building skills picked up throughout his 20 years which the team benefit from.

Devon born, Al heads our commercial division and has learnt everything he knows working in and around this South West city, starting with medieval oak timber framing as an apprentice and notably contributing to the creation of the Waterfront Restaurant at Exeter Quay.

Three things to know about Al;

  1. He’s 6ft 6 inches tall so when we say Al is overseeing a project, he’s literally overseeing it, no need for ladders here!
  2. Al hopes heaven is a shed full of Timber, a set of plans and 6 square meals a day!
  3. Al has a proactive approach to recruitment with 3 young sons so far