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Christmas Deadline for Building Projects

October 9, 2023

Christmas is a time for family gatherings with time to spend at home, visiting relatives and lots of food to prepare so it’s also a time when you need your house extensions and upgrades completed!

If you’re looking for that extra space to accommodate a large dining table for festivities a ground floor extension might be the perfect option, you can create a large open plan space, add extra rooms and re-model your existing layout.  Open plan spaces are particularly popular as it promotes a sense of space and allows the family to be together while all indulging in different activities such as cooking, reading or watching a favourite movie.

Do you need bedrooms for these Christmas guests?  How about a first floor extension or loft conversion?  Both options will provide one to two additional bedrooms and usually a bathroom or ensuite to cope with the extra demand.  You can use the space for an office, gym or hobby room when the Christmas guests have gone so that you get to enjoy the space all year round.

There’s no better showcase for your new kitchen than a spectacular Christmas lunch!  Put your new appliances to the test and say goodbye to old, unreliable ones!  It will be a pleasure to spend time in a kitchen that you’ve planned around your needs and design preferences.

So if you want your new space ready for Christmas, how far in advance should you be planning?  A lot will depend on the type of extension or conversion and whether you need planning permission.  The planning application process in Exeter can be quite challenging and we would recommend submitting plans at least 6 months before you would like work to begin.  If you’re project will fall under permitted development then you won’t need to factor in this time.

At Silver Fern we have multiple teams on different projects and have a shorter waiting time than many builders so we can usually get started within 4-8 weeks of agreeing scope and costs.  We have completed loft conversions in 7 weeks for a Christmas deadline before now and will always do our best to deliver results as long as we can guarantee the quality of the work

We generally like to finish projects before we break up for Christmas with new projects starting in January.  Silver Fern is closed between Christmas and New Year so that the whole team can enjoy the festivities!

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